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» Google - zaawansowane wyszukiwanie treści dla tłumaczy
By Michał Tosza | Published 11/18/2008 | Polish | Recommendation:
Jest to druga część poradnika dotyczącego wykorzystywania wyszukiwarki Goolge w pracy tłumacza. Opisuję kilka użytecznych sposóbów wyszukiwania terminologii i treści za pomocą wyszukiwarki Google.
Recent Articles
» The translation brief and functional translation in PILs
By Valerie Scaletta | Published 03/29/2021 | Translation Theory | Not yet recommended
An analysis of skopos theory and Nord's functional translation model applied to the patient information leaflet genre
» Poor terminology choice, poorer style and inconsistent consistency
By Jakov Milicevic | Published 03/11/2021 | Other Specialties | Not yet recommended
This article is an addition to Quite a rotten localisation of a perfect (A)pple in which we wrote about terminology errors in the software localisation of Apple devices. The examples of major terminology errors in the article account for only 10% of the most obvious errors; it is possible to write an entire study on poor terminology choices and explain it in depth on many pages in a thesis or a PhD dissertation. Since it is not possible to publish such a study on a social network, it will be a theme of a PhD dissertation in the near future. Therefore, in this new article, we decided to write about two important aspects closely related to terminology: style and consistency. The opinions and arguments presented in this article are based on descriptive and normative grammars, dictionaries and style guides of the contemporary Croatian language, on recommendations by the leading institutions for Croatian language (Institut za hrvatski jezik i jezikoslovlje[1], Leksikografski zavod Miroslava Krleže[2], Matica hrvatska[3]), available in written or electronic form, and by the leading language experts who are users of Apple products.
By Eric Dos Santos | Published 03/8/2021 | Legal/Patent Translation | Recommendation:
O que está envolvido em ser tradutor jurídico Como se tornar tradutor jurídico Valor da tradução jurídica
» Simple tips on how to be a Professional Consecutive Interpreter of Trade Fairs, Exhibitions, and meetings from English to Arabic
By Ramadan Ibrahim | Published 03/8/2021 | Interpreting | Not yet recommended
Time Flies! In October 2015, I have been in Europe and China on a multiple business trip with my CEO as a Personal Interpreter and International Suppliers Coordinator to attend International Fairs; such as #TFWA Exhibition in Cane, France and #Canton Fair in Guangzhou, China, and annual meetings with our international suppliers. This trip allowed me to understand all requirements, needs, and experiences, which the interpreter needs for success in his mission of interpreting of fairs and business meetings. Here are many points, which I would like to share with my peers.
» Patient information leaflets: English vs Italian translation
By Valerie Scaletta | Published 02/1/2021 | Medical Translation | Recommendation:
This article affords an overview of English vs Italian PILs and their translation, issues and implications.
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