Facebook for your business: how to create a successful page and attract more followers.

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Summary:The Internet continues to change and evolve, but Facebook still represents a good and popular social media platform: people love to use it to network, share opinions and also follow their favourites artists/brands. This is why, as freelancers and entrepreneurs, we must understand that using Facebook is important to empower our marketing strategy and reach new followers, companies, clients. In this one hour course we will see how to create a Facebook page, choose and share unique contents and engage people in a fun and active way.
The Internet continues to change and evolve, connecting people and companies, while representing a unique and powerful content marketing tool.
Among all the social media platforms and online resources, Facebook still represents a good an popular platform where people interact, network, share information on products and services, but also support and follow their favourite artists/brands.

This is why, as freelancers, we can benefit from the development of such tools, create a business Facebook page to (a) engage people into unique conversations, (b) create a community and passionate followers/supporters, (c) share unique branded content (d) market our services and expertise, (e) provide useful company updates and info, (f) help us reach new potential followers, companies and clients.

In this one hour course, we will understand how to:
• create a Facebook page from scratch
• choose the right topics and contents to share and use to engage people
• use our new Facebook page to build a community of passionate followers
• connect our other online platforms and social media to Facebook

The course will analyse a series of examples from the translation industry, highlighting the main features of every page and giving to the students tips and ideas on how to maintain the page updated and fresh without loosing the balance.
Target audience
This course suits:
• freelancers starting out in the translation industry
• experienced freelancers willing to refresh their marketing strategies
Learning objectives
In this course you will learn how to:
• create a Facebook page
• create unique contents to market and brand your business
• engage people and create a passionate community of supporters
• use Facebook as a marketing tool
No prerequisites
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• set up a Facebook business page from scratch: page creation, business description, practical usage of multimedia and personalised contents
• how to use your Facebook business page: posts, notes, multimedia, social features, external resources. etc.
• how to find your personal and unique style
• tips and ideas to maintain the communication fresh and active
• Facebook as a marketing tool: what and what not to share, when to share, how to create your content, etc.
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Created by
Sara Colombo    View feedback | View all courses
Bio: Sara is a qualified En-Fr-Sp>Italian translator with 6 years of experience within the marketing, business and CE/medical devices fields backed by relevant working experience in the marketing industry.

She is also the author of the book ‘Balance Your Words. Stepping in the translation Industry’ and a blogger at
A marketer by heart, Sara loves to use social media to connect with peers but also to find new markets and niches. To get in touch with her connect through Twitter (@sc_translations), LinkedIn (Sara Colombo), Facebook (Sara Colombo Translations) or visit her blog!

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