Translator feedback - Willingness to work again

Translator feedback is a feature that provides translators, interpreters and other service providers with a means of requesting, collecting and displaying in their profiles feedback from colleagues about their "willingness to work again" ("WWA") with them. Site users can request feedback from outsourcers and colleagues with whom they have worked. Colleagues and outsourcers may answer requests by providing feedback. They can also take the initiative in providing public feedback to service providers with whom they have worked. Translator feedback entries are important because:

  • Freelancers who opt to show feedback from previous satisfied clients may be better positioned to turn potential new clients into actual ones, to justify above-average rates, to mitigate the need for performing test translations, etc.
  • Having translator feedback is one of the search criteria that can be used by potential clients to find freelancers in the directory.
  • This feedback is also useful for outsourcers to manage risk when locating new service providers.

  • Service providers

    I am a service provider and I would like to request willingness to work again (WWA) entries from satisfied clients.

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    I am an outsourcer and would like to provide willingness to work again entries (WWA) for service providers that have done work for me in the past.

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